About us

F.I.SCIENCE is a solution provider covering not only France but also Europe. The company is commited to delivering customer best services and satisfaction.


On top of our expertise and experience, Quality is our main driver. The aim of F.I.SCIENCE is to combine speed, accuracy, innovation, and flexibility, in order to match and meet customer's requirements.


F.I.SCIENCE is privately owned and operated, with no "call center mentality".


Our added value allows us to be recognized not as a supplier but as YOUR PARTNER.


Suppliers are key to our strategy and to our competitiveness, and we strongly believe in engaging with suppliers to share opportunities.

If you are motivated, constructive, Quality oriented and a manufacturer of innovative products you are a potential F.I.SCIENCE supplier.

Our solution partners offer ...






  • access to new technologies
  • opportunities to develop new products
  • industry intelligence
  • pull-through into new applications


What we bring to the table:


  • customer contacts
  • sales expertise
  • local "feet on the street"
  • local support
  • competition intelligence









We use thousands customers database, and have complementary lines (non competitive) to propose “Bundle” solutions.


We have  ressources, people and place to perform presentation, live demonstration, validation tests and training.


We are in contact with all major players in Electronic’s, Microwave’s, and Physic’s markets.


The technical Microwave background of our team and partners gives us access to an extensive Microwave expertise and latest high-tech tools to better serve customers’ requirements.


In addition to regular customers visits we consider marketing and communication  as a necessary complement :


  • Mass mailing
  • Advertisement
  • Exhibitions
  • Road shows
  • Specific technical presentations with partners and industrials
  • Trainings